Vermont Marble Collection

Vermont Marble Company Sample Collection

The Vermont Marble Company Sample collection features 3,930 specimens of marbles, travertines, and granites. About 800 of these are stored in special cabinets, cut at 8×12 inches, and organized by stone type and color. The remaining are stored in drawers, vary in size, and are organized by region or country of origin.

Many specimens are labeled with the name, year, and identification number. Some labels indicate the stone type (A-D) in the Marble Soundness Classification System.

An index card catalog provides additional information to individual specimens. A specimen may have no card, a single card, or multiple cards. These cards may cross-reference samples with external collections. Additional information includes other known names, shipment and price information, and/or quarry location. When applicable, all information from these cards is reflected in the catalog entry or simply say ‘see card’ for more details.