Building or Place
NPS Code
Number of Samples
Item Type Manufacturer Quantity Notes
15 Light Blue Muresco for wall and ceiling decoration Acrylic coating Benjamin Moore 5 lbs
Rex Wall Size and sealer with animal glue Patent Cereals Company, Geneva, N.Y. 1 lbs
Turpentine Brown Japan Solvent Universal Varnishes 1 lbs Empty
Varnish Varnish John W. Masury & Son 5 lbs
Copper #3026 Dry Powder Atlantic Bronze Powder 1 pint
Chestnut Graining Color Pigment John W. Masury & Son 1 pint
Road Cart Red Paint John W. Masury & Son 1 pint
500 White Enamel Paint Ecan & Hausman Co. 1 pint
Roger’s Brushing Lacquer Thinner Detroit White Lead Works 1 pint
2012 Lettuce Semi Gloss Finish Varnish True’s Paint Products 1 quart
One Coat Aluminum Paint Paint Dooley Manufacturing Co. 8 oz
Carborondum Abrasives Carborundum Co. 1 pint
Nouveau Vernis a Tableaux Soehnée Freres 1 oz
Mercury Fungicide 10 lbs