Building or Place
NPS Code
Number of Samples

Boards of different types of paint: mineral paint; oil paint; casein, glazes, AND KEIM mineral paint samples and Lime Works samples.


Linseed oil paints on wooden coupons


Gilding samples; distemper samples



Item Manufacturer Quantity
Palegold #1100 Atlantic Powdered Metals, Inc.
Mirrolac Bronze Enamel Aluminum #2 Devoe & Raynolds Co.
Raw Umber T. J. Ronan Co.
Palegold #1100 Atlantic Powdered Metals, Inc.
Pure White Lead National Lead Company
Van Dyke Brown Amsterdam Color Works, Inc.
213 Patio Pink (60% pigment, 24% white lead, 48% zinc oxide) Cook & Dunn Paint Corporation
Val-Oil Green Valentine & Company
Bright Red Geo D. Wetherill & Co. Inc.
Coach Black Wadsworth Martinez Hongman
Black Saint Flat Paint
Aluminum Powder Luco
19-7 Dark Grey Utility Enamel Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company
Burnt Sienna Longman Martinez
Ultramarine Blue The Sheffield Bronze Paint Corp.
Liquid Paraffin / Russian Mineral Oil Medical Hall
Uncle Hiram Varnish for Floors and Linoleums Uncle Hiram’s
Valentine’s Valspar Valentine & Company 1/2 pint
Gloss Varnish #10 Clear Super Valspar 1/2 pint
Van Dyke (Vandyke) brown Longman Martinez 1/2 pint
Major’s Cement for Repairing China Glassware Furniture Major’s Cement 1/2 pint
Silver Paint Sapolin 1 oz
White Lead Dutch Boy 1 lbs
Silver Paint Sterling 1/2 pint
Powdered Casein Glue Grade A Casco 1/2 pint
Valentine’s Valspar Valentine & Company 1/2 pint
Valentine’s Valspar Valentine & Company 1/2 pint
Valentine’s Valspar Valentine & Company 1/2 pint

Paint samples from multiple locations:

U.S Customs House
Philadelphia, PA

Sagamore Hill
Home of Theodore Roosevelt
Cove Neck, New York, near Oyster Bay on the North Shore of Long Island

Judge Jacob Tysen House
355 Fillmore Street Livingston
Staten Island, NY

Mulford House
65 Church Street
Montrose, PA

Webb House
late 18th century
Orient, Long Island, NY

Telfair Academy
Savannah, GA

Miller Place
Town of Brookhaven, Suffolk County, New York

Alice Austin House
Staten Island, NY

San Carlos SAJU Pool

James Gallier House
New Orleans, LA

Old Board of Freeholders
Room 204

770 Park Ave
New York, NY, 10021




Paint Facsimiles recreating the formulas outlined in:

Seymour, Jennings, Arthur. “Paint & Colour Mixing: A Practical Handbook for Painters, Decorators, and all who Have to Mix Colors” (London: E. & F. N. Spon, Ltd, 125)

Item Type Manufacturer Quantity Notes
15 Light Blue Muresco for wall and ceiling decoration Acrylic coating Benjamin Moore 5 lbs
Rex Wall Size and sealer with animal glue Patent Cereals Company, Geneva, N.Y. 1 lbs
Turpentine Brown Japan Solvent Universal Varnishes 1 lbs Empty
Varnish Varnish John W. Masury & Son 5 lbs
Copper #3026 Dry Powder Atlantic Bronze Powder 1 pint
Chestnut Graining Color Pigment John W. Masury & Son 1 pint
Road Cart Red Paint John W. Masury & Son 1 pint
500 White Enamel Paint Ecan & Hausman Co. 1 pint
Roger’s Brushing Lacquer Thinner Detroit White Lead Works 1 pint
2012 Lettuce Semi Gloss Finish Varnish True’s Paint Products 1 quart
One Coat Aluminum Paint Paint Dooley Manufacturing Co. 8 oz
Carborondum Abrasives Carborundum Co. 1 pint
Nouveau Vernis a Tableaux Soehnée Freres 1 oz
Mercury Fungicide 10 lbs
Item Type Manufacturer Quantity Notes
Venetian Red Paint Benjamin Moore & Co 1 quart
No 7 French Gray Paint H. B. Davis Company 1 quart
Vermilion Paint 2 quarts Label is faded
Aluminum Alcoa 225 Pigment Aluminum Company of America 1 pint
Varnish Longman & Martinez 1 pint
596 Raw Sienna Distemper Red Spot Paint & Varnish 1 pint
Gray No. 230 Oil Paint Longman & Martinez 1 pint
Bronze Dry Powder United States Bronze Powder Works 1 quart
White Lead Oil Paint Dutch Boy 5 lbs
Mirrorgold #129 Coarse Powder Atlantic Bronze Powder 1 pint
Bronzing Liquid Paint J. J. Hockenjos Co.
4 Purple Dry Powder Alabastine Art Colors 1 lbs
Quick Drying Coach Colors Paint C. T. Raynolds & Co. 1 lbs
Aluminum Bronze Dry Powder Baer Brothers 1/4 lbs
Non-toxic Arnamel Enamel Paint Arnesto Print Co. 1 pint
Roto Vinyl Palegold #E-787 Dry Powder Atlantic Bronze Powder 1 pint
Copper #1100 Dry Powder Atlantic Bronze Powder 1 pint
White Lead Oil Paint Dutch Boy 1 pint
311 Tulip Yellow Enamel Paint Sapolin 1 pint

Paint chips from the following buildings in Guyama, Puerto Rico:

  1. 4 E. Cecelio Dominguez: ~1860-1890
  2. 6 E. Cecelio Dominguez: 1882
  3. 48 N. Santiago Palmer: ~1890
  4. 3 N. Ashford: ~1900 16
  5. 47 N. Santiago Palmer: 1890-1910
  6. 88 N. Santiago Palmer: ~ 1900
  7. 102 N. Santiago Palmer: ~1900
  8. 103 N. Santiago Palmer: 1900
  9. 104 N. Santiago Palmer: ~1910 17
  10. 106 N. Santiago Palmer: ~1910
  11. 11. 108 N. Santiago Palmer: ~ 1940